Monday, April 06, 2009

cheap decor

I just recently decorated our mantle.  I've been wanting to do this since we moved in, but I was waiting until I could find some good deals.  I got the vase, candle, and candle stick at Hobby Lobby all for 50% off.  I pulled the stuff in the vase from another vase I have in our house.  I didn't use it all.  I left just enough in the other vase so that they both looked good.   (My mom actually bought the at Hobby Lobby for 90%, and made the vase for me for Christmas.) The books are ones that we already had in our bookcase.  I just took the sleeves off of them.  And the lanterns are actually outdoor lanterns that my grandma got for me for Christmas from Sam's.  We were really excited to hang them outside on our arbor, but I just thought they looked too cute on my mantle.  

What do you think??

P.S.  I took the tag off of the vase.  Don't worry.  It just didn't get taken off for the picture. 


christie and kyle said...

Adorable. Will you come decorate our apt?

Brandi Gail said...

YEA, can you come help me decorate!?!?!

bmullen said...

So cute! I'm working on pulling our apartment together too! I love Hobby Lobby.

The Vann's said...

I love Hobby Lobby too! Your mantel looks great!! I just bought the greatest fireplace screen for $55!!! I looked a lot of places and the cheapest was between $100 and $150. This one was $79 and was 30% off!! It looks like the one in the Southern Living at Home mag! I also bought Eden's birthday decor there all for 40% off!! I think I may go back there today ;)