Thursday, April 09, 2009

magic erasers

Have you ever used these before?

They really are magic.  The people that lived in our house before us had 2 small children.  There were a couple of spots on the walls and cabinets that had small crayon marks on it.  i thought that we would just have to deal with it until we repainted.  

Boy, was I wrong.  These things are MAGIC.  Really they are magic.  I don't know how they work.  Whatever Windex won't clean up, a magic eraser will!!  I use mine almost daily to clean our kitchen countertops.  We have white formica countertops and they show every single spot.  When I spill kool-aid or tea, the Magic Eraser is the only thing that will get it off.

So if you haven't ever tried these out, you are really missing out.  

But today is your lucky day to join in on all the fun.  Go here and you can here to get 2 free Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!!!


Miss Nikki's News said...

The magic eraser is my best friend in my classroom! Have you tried the newest one that has more cleaner or powder in it? They are a God send!

bmullen said...

I ordered my free Magic Erasers!!! They are wonderful when moving out of an old apartment!!!