Thursday, April 09, 2009

a whole new world

I love taking pictures. And I love my digital point and shoot camera. But I'm about to enter into a whole new world.   The world of digital SLRs.  (or what I call....real cameras)
My sweet husband is letting me buy a new Canon Rebel.  I know absolutely nothing about them except that my sister in law said that it would be a great camera to start out with.  So I bought "Digital Photography for Dummies".  It's all about using digital SLRs, taking great pictures, editing images, and using Photoshop Elements.  I'm super excited to dive into the world of photography.  I know I will be never be a professional or anything, but when there are little Links running around the house I want to know how to take good pictures of them. So I better get started now while I have time!!

So here's my questions for you....

I've heard Nikon D60's are similar/equivalent to the Canon Rebel line.  Do you have one or the other?  What do you love about it?  Do you have a Canon Rebel?  If so, which one?  What do you love about it?  

Tammy....if you read this, tell your husband to comment!!  I would like to hear his advice!!


The Vann's said...

Hey Katy,
I was just updating myself on your blog. We have been without internet since we moved in last weekend. We have a Canon Rebel XLR. The most important thing to know is that your lens is the most important thing to get great shots. The kit lens is ok but you really need to save your money and get a great lens. That will make your pics 1,000 times better. I'm sure you maybe read somthing about that in your book. It's really important also to figure out the manual settings because that's where you will get the best shots. The automatic stuff is ok but to get the most out of your camera try the manual stuff. If you want I can talk you through some stuff about the camera if you want to call me up sometime. We can make a phone date as we have to keep a schedule around here with little E. Or you can just e-mail -

Hope this helps.


Micah and Nicole said...

Micah bought me a Nikon D90. I love it! It's A LOT to learn, but I love the camera itself. It takes good pics even if I don't know what I'm doing. So, if I figure all the fun gadgets out, I'll get even better pics. How's the "Digital Pics for Dummies" book? should I get one?