Saturday, April 11, 2009

an unexpected visitor

On Saturday, Matt and I were about to head out to Sherman to spend some time with his family.  I was putting Izzie outside, set her food outside, and then I left the back door opened so I could fill up Izzie's water bowl.  While I was filling up Izzie's water bowl a bird flew in our house.

I started screaming "MATT, THERE'S A BIRD IN OUR HOUSE!  THERE IS A BIRD IN OUR HOUSE!"  He, very calmly, told me to close all the doors and go in a bedroom and stay.  

The bird just flew all over our kitchen and living room, but would not go out the back door.  Matt opened the front door so he would have another escape option, but he was not going out.  Matt decided to go get a broom and try to shoo him out.  He finally got him in the front entry hall.  But he kept flying into the window above our front door.  
He would flap his wings uncontrollably then fly right back into the window.  He did this four or five time.  I was in the room next door, dying to see what was going on, and dying to get my camera, so I opened the door to run out really quick.  But right as I opened the door, the bird flew over to my door.  Scared to death, I slammed the door and then the bird FINALLY went out the front door.  

What a morning!!!


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