Friday, June 05, 2009

moving on

We had a little surprise at our final staff meeting today.

We got our class lists for NEXT YEAR!! Crazy, huh?

It was a huge shock to all of us, because they usually keep them very secret until about 3 days before school starts. The administration wants everything to be set in stone before they give us our lists. The office really doesn't like to make changes after they give us our class list.

Our principal told us that the reason he gave us our class lists today was so that we could pray for our students by name all summer long! How cool is that??


The Fants said...

Wow, that is so special! What a cool principal :)

Happy Summer!!!!

Jodi said...

What a great principal. Love it!

johnson said...

I love our principal!! What other principal would let you take your class lists home and pray?!!??!

Dressed-Up Dots said...