Monday, June 01, 2009

starting off right

Somehow Matt and I managed to go to the gym only twice in the month of May.

We started off right by going today, the first day of the month. Hopefully we will be going to the gym a lot more than twice this month.

As soon as school is out on Thursday, I am going to make a schedule of work out classes that I would like to go to weekly. There are a couple that I have never done, that I would like to try out. I really want to get into cycling this summer.

I always have good intentions to stay really active in the summer, but I always seem to find other stuff to fill my time with instead of going to the gym. I have a long list of this that I want to do this summer, but I'm going to make sure working out and staying in shape stays close to the top.

As soon as school is over I'll fill you in on some of the things I hope to be doing this summer!!