Monday, February 28, 2011

24 weeks

how far along?  24 weeks
how are you measuring?  26 weeks
size of baby? almost a foot long, weighs just over a pound, as long as an ear of corn
heartbeat? 135 bpm (at our 24 week appointment)
total weight gain/loss? +15.2 pounds according to my scale at home, but +14 pounds according to the scale at the doctor.  I'm going to go with the scale at the doctor!!
maternity clothes? Yup!!  One of the third grade teachers at my school passed along alot of her old maternity clothes to me this week.  I am decked on on maternity clothes.  I have been so blessed to have only bought a few things.  I had three friends fill my closet for me!!
stretch marks? No, not yet!! 
sleep? I'm getting up once a night consistently at 1:30am to go to the bathroom.  During the week I wake up anywhere from 5:30 to 6:00, and the first thing I do is go to the bathroom.  On Saturdays and Sundays, I do the same, and unfortunately, now I'm having trouble going back to sleep after going to the bathroom the second time.  
best moment this week? My Mom and I totally designed Pearson's bedding.  Now it's just a matter of getting all the fabric and getting it made!  We also sold the desk that is in his room right now.  The desk is the last thing in his room we had to get rid of before it's cleared out and ready to be painted!!  We also got totally registered at Babies R Us this weekend!!
movement? We have a mover and a groover on our hands.  It seems like anytime I am not moving he is.  I swear I can feel him doing flips in my belly.  I LOVE it!!  
food cravings? Nothing really specific.  I've just been really hungry lately.  I am totally dreading weighing in at the doctor this week.  I think I've gained triple what I was supposed to.
gender predictions? It's a BOY!!!  Pearson Davis Link!!!
what i miss:  Being able to go on a walk and not feeling like I have to go to the bathroom right in the middle of it!
what i'm looking forward to: I'm going to a breastfeeding class at the hospital tonight.  I'm super passionate about nursing Pearson, so I'm excited to learn more about it.  
how are you feeling? Feeling great!!  I feel like I'm going 90 to nothing everyday.  I am busy, busy, busy, and full of energy. The nesting phase has really kicked in, so as soon as I get home from school I'm cleaning something out or organizing something. This is the part of pregnancy Matt has been waiting for!!


Alisa said...

Pearson sounds just like his daddy. I could swear Matt was doing flips. Matt was all over the place. He was so much more active then the girls.

AndreaSmiley said...

Sounds like everything is going great. I love following your blog and pics. You are too cute! Good for you on wanting to breastfeed. I nursed Lincoln for a solid 12 months (my goal was 18 months) but he weaned all by himself at a year. I enjoyed every second of it! It's definitely a commitment, but oh so worth it. Lincoln is the healthiest baby I have ever known/been around.

Dressed-Up Dots said...

YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!!!! :) Hi Pearson!!