Saturday, February 05, 2011

a day of rest

Saturday morning we woke up to some chilly weather.  It was around 59 degrees, so we spent the entire day in the ship.  We never made it outside.  

I started the morning with "my breakfast".  I had raspberry yogurt with granola and cranberries 
and "The Classic", 2 fried eggs, bacon, and a hashbrown, every morning but one!!
After breakfast Matt took a long nap, while I went to activity inside.
 A bunch of ship workers talked about life on the ship.  They let us ask all sorts of questions.  We even got to tour the backstage.  It was neat to see how the shows were run!
 We walked around the ship for a while and I made Matt take a picture in the 19th Hole bar because I just thought it was so cute!!
 We missed lunch in the dining room and we didn't want to eat in the Windjammer, so we ordered room service!! From our TV!!!
 The guy that delivered our food probably thought we were pigs!! It was alot of food for two people!!
 We literally spent the entire afternoon/evening in our room watching movies, reading, resting and packing.  

Before dinner we sat out on our balcony to watch another beautiful sunset. 
 After dinner we had to get pictures with our fabulous waiter, Claudiu and assistant waiter, Mio.  They were wonderful!!
They gave us a few appetizers and entrees and 3-4 desserts each night.  They truly kept us full and helped me gain 3.8 pounds!!

We had such a good time on our trip.  I'm so glad we were able to take a Babymoon before little Pearson gets here.