Friday, February 04, 2011

fun filled day at sea

I love sea days on cruises!! There is so just so much to do on the ship!!

We walked around the ship for a while after breakfast.  This was the Royal Promenade.  It was so neat.  It was 3 stories tall and had all the shops, a few of the bars, a cafe and a small theatre.  
 We went to a cooking demonstration where the cruise director, a woman who claimed she couldn't cook, and the executive chef decorated a cake.  It was really entertaining.  Too bad the cake was chocolate, because they gave samples of it.
 One of the cool things about the ship was that you could go to the front and see The Bridge, where all the ship controls were. 
 Before lunch we decided to hit up the putt putt golf course.
 It was a little windy since it was on the 14th level of the ship, but the view was awesome!!
 My competitive husband just couldn't let his wife win!!
 After lunch we laid out by the pool for a good 4 hours.  The weather was AMAZING!!  I enjoyed some more of my "obvious pregnancy reading".  
 When we came back from laying out, we found this invitation underneath our door. 
 Our head waiter came by our room earlier that morning asking if we wanted to dine with the captain, so we actually knew about it before we got the invitation!!

Before we got all dressed up for dinner with the captain, we watched the sunset off our balcony!
I was really nervous about eating with the captain.  I was so afraid I was going to make a fool of myself. We were told to meet at the Aquarium Bar before dinner.  When we got there we noticed a couple that sat at our normal dinner table.  We were so happy when they told us that they would be dining with the captain as well.   It's funny how we had only known them for a few days, but they felt like old friends.  We loved Ben & Jenn.
When we got there we greeted by one of the head waiters.  He asked us and 4 other couples to sit in a booth and he treated us to a glass of champagne on the captain.   (Obviously, I had to turn it down). 
 We had a special menu prepared for us.  
The regular menu had lobster or steak, but we got both!!  They even served us wine with our dinner.  (Again, I had to pass on that!)
One of the photographers took our table's picture and gave us this picture.  We really were wined and dined the whole evening.  They had all the head waiters serving our table.  We never had an empty glass and when they brought each course out, they served us all at the exact same time.  
I got the Gorgonzola Salad for my appetizer.  
(I forgot to take a picture.) 

I got the Surf and Turf for my main course.
 The dessert was the captains surprise, and it was DELICIOUS.
 It was vanilla ice cream in an almond shell with fresh berries.  
 We also ate with the Financial Controller.  She was a very nice lady.  Matt sat next to her, so he really enjoyed talking to her.  
 It was great dining with the captain and asking him questions about life on the ship, but I really enjoyed eating with our new friends from Norway, Trine & Espen.  They spoke great English, so it was fun to hear them tell us all about life in Norway.
They were so funny.   Trine was a comedian and Espen was an actor.  They were actually filming a documentary so they could promote Royal Caribbean in Norway.  We had to sign a release form saying it was okay to film us during dinner.  Matt and I might have our first debut in the movies.  A Norwegian Cruise huh?!?  They were not together as a couple, but they were filming like they were.  The captain was from Norway so they would all three have a conversation and the rest of the table had no idea what they were saying.   We were in the dining room until 10:30.  We had such a great night.  We have no idea how we got chosen to dine with the captain, but I'm sure glad did.  It was such a neat experience.  

When we got back to the room after dinner, we were greeted by an unknown animal.  We think it was a bat, but we weren't totally sure.  
 I had to pose with my rose from the captain.
After dinner, we went and hung out at the Pig & Whistle Pub for a drink, 
 and  smoothie!!
At night, the Pig & Whistle had Adult DayCare-Kamakazi Karaoke.  It was so fun.  The entertainer would sing a few funny songs, crack a few jokes, then call someone from the crowd to come sing.  THey didn't get pick their song, the entertainer picked it.  It was so funny to see all the people make fools of themselves.  Thankfully he didn't pick us!!

We stayed up way past our bedtime, but it was so worth it because we had a great day!!