Wednesday, March 16, 2011

calling all mommies: diapers

This week's topic is.....


When Pearson arrives his little bum will be supporting Pampers.  So many of you had good things to say about Pampers so that's just what I went with. 
So many of you had good things to say about Pampers so that's just what I went with. Hopefully they agree with his little bottom, because I've already started stocking up on Pampers. I've been able to get them for SO cheap off of Amazon it just seems silly not to stock up.  

But here are my questions....

How long did your baby wear each size?
Which size diapers did your baby wear the most?
About how many diapers a day does your baby go through?
How quickly do you go through a box of diapers? 
What kind of wipes do you like or are they all the same?
What kind of baby bottom products do you use? (ointments/creams/powders)

Any other diaper advice??


Gina said...

NB diapers are recommended for up to 8 lbs. Depending on how big your little guy is, how much weight he loses after birth (Sawyer dropped almost a whole pound), etc, you may or may not need a lot of them. Luckily, they're generally sold in smaller quantities so you shouldn't be stuck with too many left over once he's ready to move on. Saw is 14 1/2 weeks old. VERY average in weight and height (50% on both) and is still in size 1. Probably for another couple weeks at least. He currently goes through about 7-9 diapers a day. We've been ok with all brands of wipes. Pampers thick care wipes feel soapy to me, so I stay away from them unless I get a GREAT deal. We use Butt Paste, but haven't had to use it much at all... like still on our first tube.

Ashley said...

Once Carson got to a size 3 I stopped going through sizes so quickly. They start staying in one size longer. I don't remember how long it took before he was in a size 3. He was a bigger baby I don't think I ever put him in a newborn diaper. Same goes for newborn clothes. As for wipes I already told you I'm all the way for Huggies. They just don't seem to dry out. I buy both, but I'm more partial to Huggies wipes. I was lucky and had to use diaper cream on him maybe 3 times. I used Desitin because that's all I had and it wasn't a bad rash it usually cured over night. For bad diaper rash Triple cream & Butt paste are awesome. Triple cream is a bit more expensive.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I unfortunately can't add any input, hehe!!

Brandi Gail said...

I am pretty sure my BFF is a fan of Butt Paste! :)

Christine said...

All babies are so different on the size thing that you just never know. At 2 months, Naomi is still in newborn diapers and clothes. We are about to move up to size 1 and her 0-3 month clothes. She's a petite gal. But, of course there are other babies that never even use the newborn stuff, so... You can always give what you don't use to friends at diaper/baby showers and you can always get more later if your short on a size, so I wouldn't stress. Just look average weights of babies for ages and buy accordingly. I've been okay with most wipes, though I'll agree with the other comments that I've liked the Huggies best and that one Soft kind of the Pampers does seem overly soapy. We're going through about 8 diapers a day, though I hear it goes down a little as they get older. We've stocked up on all kinds and sizes. I'll usually just buy whatever I have the best deal for. Naomi doesn't seem to care either way and they all have their pluses and minuses so... As far as creams go, we're still pretty much using this weird stuff the NICU crew mixed up for us when she got a small diaper rash right before our discharge. I've used the butt paste and it's fine (that's what I keep in my diaper bag). I have lots of other brands too, so we'll see. I probably go through more than most people as I just put it on her after each poopy diaper just to make sure she doesn't get any diaper rash, seems to be working so far. Happy Diapering!

The Stikos said...

I agree with Christine in that all babies are different and it's just hard to know!

With Amoriyah, I think we used maybe 4-5 packages of nb diapers. But, since the smaller sizes have more diapers therefore getting more for your money, I always keep her in the size until the absolute last minute, haha. So, I kept her in them until she was 8 lbs.(or maybe even a little over). I now know why the sizes overlap in lbs. It's hard to really remember but I don't think she was in size 2's very long but I think that was right around the 3-5 month mark and she grew A LOT during that time; her 3 month growth spurt seemed to last forever! So...that could be why she wasn't in them long. She started wearing 3's probably 2 months ago or so and we'll probably be in them for quite awhile longer. I would say as far as stocking up, that would be a pretty safe size for most babies because they start slowing down in growth and that size has the biggest growth allowance as far as lbs. I believe they're 18-28 lbs.

As far as brands go, I actually just started using Walgreens brand and, believe it or not, they're amazing! I was really skeptical because the reason I even bought them was because they were B1G1 and I had a Walgreens coupon and got an extra $4 off making them .07 each so I figured if they were horrible it wouldn't be a big deal, but I was wrong. I honestly feel they're every bit as good as Huggies or Pampers.

I love the Huggies thick wipes because they're so durable and I feel like you can use one wipe a little easier for poopy diapers as opposed to some other ones where you may have to use 2-3.

From the time we brought her home, we started using Vaseline on her to prevent diaper rash. And, she's never even gotten any at all! We just use it at night since she has the diaper on all night. Even better than Vaseline, I really like the CVS brand of Baby Aquaphor because it spreads a little easier than Vaseline, but Vaseline is cheaper.

Hope that helps!

The Fenner's said...

My son wore NB diapers for a few months.He has a tiny waist. He has been in size 3 for the longest Several months. Which I think they said is the most common.
I go through about 150 diapers every 2 weeks I think. I LOVE pampers thick gentle wipes. DO NOT buy target brand wipes, I made that mistake, they are really thin and multiple pull out at one time. When you have a baby trying to roll off the table dealing with pulling them apart is a pain. I have several different rash creams, but Dylan hasn't ever had a bad rash, so we don't use them much. Balmex is the one that has worked the best for us though.

Jodi said...

I agree with everyone else - Diaper sizes are so weird. It depends on the baby. Wyatt was in
3's for a really long time. But I had a little pee - er on my hands, so I would have to go up to the next size quicker because it didn't hold. He needed more room. I would probably NOT buy a ton of new born diapers. When i go to showers I normally get people 2-3 because they wear those for a longer period of time.

Wipes - I LOVE Pampers Thick and Sensitive. They are amazing!!! Perfect for any mess!! I would not get any other kind!

Hope that helps a little!

Jodi said...

Oh and for cream - desitine sensitive is great. Wyatt has really sensitive skin, so I went with sensitive everything. I also love butt paste but you have to be careful because I didn't realize that butt paste is just a preventative (so they don't get a rash) where desitine will actually help heal the rash! Make sense?

Sarah Baker said...

Logan stayed in newborn diapers a month or two. He is a very long and lanky fella so he stayed in each size a little bit longer than other kids I know his age. We have been in size 4 the longest. I think we might could even stay in size 4 until he is potty-trained (hopefully this summer). All the Pampers sizes overlap so if I were you, when you think he's ready to move to size 1, just finish up your last NB size and then move on into size 1 even if they are a little big. It seemed like we were in size 1's very long before we moved him to size 2's, and we stayed there for a good while, then size 3's for a short while, then size 4's and have been here for 6 months at least. But the longer they can fit comfortably in smaller sizes the better for your pocketbook. Usually you get more smaller sized diapers for the same price as you would a size 3 or 4 diaper of the same brand. Weird.

Logan didn't wear hardly any newborn clothes though. He had a tough delivery and had a bruise on his head for about 4-5 weeks, so I put him in bigger clothes so that they wouldn't rub his head when I put them on. Clothes are really weird in sizes too. Some brands fit perfectly at size 0-3 months, and some wear too short, for his length on a onesie. We use Desitin sensitive. We got 3-5 tubes in baby showers, and still haven't used them all. A lot goes a long ways and unless your baby has super sensitive skin you won't have to use it much. Just when they have a rash. I'm more partial to Huggies wipes, but right now through Amazon, I'm getting a great deal on Pampers wipes. So... hard to pass up a good deal when they do about the same job.

Even if you stock up on diapers and end up with too many of one size, you can always give them away or keep them for your next baby if you plan to have one.

Good luck!

Brian and Jessica Ross said...

How long did your baby wear each size?
E was born at 7 lbs and was back to birth weight by the end of week 1 (kinda uncommon), she was 10 lbs at 1 mo, 11.4 at 2 mo, 13.2 at 3 mo, and 13.4 at 4 mo... so there's your reference for the corresponding diaper sizes... NB for 5 weeks, 1s until 18 weeks, currently in Pampers Swaddlers size '1-2'(at 24 weeks).

Which size diapers did your baby wear the most?
I think she's too young to answer that question :P

About how many diapers a day does your baby go through?
in NBs, we went through about 10 a day, now we probably go through 6 or 7. They have BMs often as NBs and then around 3 months it lightens up and you can get away with changing their diaper less often. I'm going to assume that my count will go back up during the summer to avoid diaper rash.

What kind of wipes do you like or are they all the same?
I use what's on sale or make my own.

What kind of baby bottom products do you use? (ointments/creams/powders) I have only had to use it once and the Butt Paste seemed to work fine. I have started using J&J baby powder to avoid a sweaty bottom now that spring has hit and it seems to do the job. E also has eczema so an Aquaphor massage post-bath has become my best friend!