Wednesday, March 23, 2011

calling all mommies: must haves

This week's topic is.....


It's a simple question this week.  

What are the things that you can't live without?

They can things from your pregnancy that you loved, things that your baby loves, things that make your life easier, or products you love? Anything.  What things do you think are "Mommy Must Haves"  

I can't wait to hear so I can add them to my wishlist!!


Erica said...

You definitely need a pac-n-play with the newborn napper and changing table attachments. I just had my baby last week and it is my FAVORITE baby item so far. It is like her own personal can move it to your bedroom at night for them to sleep in and to the living room during the day for naps and quick changes.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE our travel swing. We chose it over a regular big swing because we have a really small house but it's been great. We're able to move it from room to room for our 11 week old, which we wouldn't be able to do with a regular swing. She loves it and is one of the only ways she'll nap. We have

Ashley said...

I definitely agree with Erica above about the pack n play!!

Also, swaddle blankets are awesome!! But, I didn't like using just a blanket. They actually have these little pouches that you slide baby's feet into then it has these little wings on each side with velcro that you wrap around baby to secure. My son would only sleep if he was wrapped up TIGHT. But, he would break out of the blanket. So, I loved the little wrap. I got mine at Target. They are about $20-30, but worth every penny!! Of course, Pearson may not be a swaddle baby, but I would advise that you buy ONE wrap to have on hand in case you bring him home and he won't sleep. If he doesn't need it, you can always take it back. It's really a life saver. I got one at a shower and forgot about it. We brought him home, he would NOT sleep, I remembered I had it, tried it, and voila!

Ashley said...

Never mind on the $20-30 thing!!! I found one much cheaper for you!
Good luck :)

The Fenner's said...

A Swing. Dylan lived in his swing! We have the my little lamb one... Though they make a bunny one now that is plug in!

When he got older, his jumper. I bought him the rainforest jumper at the Plano consignment sale. It was $100 at the store, I paid 20 for mine.

Aiden and Anais swaddle blankets. You can buy them at Target. Since you will have a summer baby they will be great. They are HUGE( Which makes swaddling easier in my opinion), and muslin, so really light weight.

Nightlights. It's something that I didn't really think about, but Dylan slept in the room with us for 8 weeks, it was nice to have a little light so I didn't trip over all the dogs.

I think that's all I've got!:)

Meredith - proud mom of THREE! said...

I actually blogged this topic for a friend of mine - who just had a baby. Hope it helps! These are my def. faves - but I chose things that might not be on the top of everyone else's list.

Christine said...

Funny, I've been drafting a blog entry about this very topic, so keep an eye out. But, for right now, I'll give you a few items that I didn't get until after I brought baby home and wished I had them from the beginning (i.e. no one told me about it, so maybe a little less typical advice) - my Moby wrap (calms my baby and frees up my hands - she's snoozing in it now), my Bebe Au Lait nursing cover (originally got a cheaper one that I took back - sometimes you get what you pay for), and my Itzbeen timer. I also have the stuff the other gals mentioned - the pack n play, swaddlers, the travel swing, a bouncer, etc. My girl still sleeps in our room in the pack n play and we definitely use the changer table attachment for it. She likes her bouncer, but so far isn't too into the swing yet. She does seem to sleep better in the swaddler and I have both the velcro kind and the Aiden Ainais ones that were mentioned. I prefer the velcro because she breaks out of the blankets, but I still like those blankets to use when nursing, for burp cloths, etc. Happy shopping!

christie and kyle said...

Well, I've been at it all of 2 weeks, but here's what I have for ya! You need the itzbeen timer - it's a life saver to keep track of when you fed last, diaper change, your meds from the hospital, etc. I use it round the clock. Also, we LOVE our Boppy newborn lounger...that's where Wes spends most of his awake time these days. I'm trying out the "Miracle Blanket" tonight so I'll let you know the verdict on that :-)

Oh, and you'll probably also want some of Medela's lanolin...for you :-) I tried a couple brands and like Medela best.

So excited for you, Katy. You have so much to look forward to. Can't WAIT for our stroller walks this summer!

Bryan, Val and CarJack said...

I've been thinking about posting on your blog for a while, and I told Tammy I would :).

My "needs" were:
burp cloths (we used cloth diapers)
nuk pacifiers

Also, LOVED the bassinet by my bed for the first few months.

PS, don't know if anyone has told you, but since you're having a boy, a tip I could have used, was ALWAYS point know...down in the diapers! I used to think my kid sweat sooooo much, turns out it was pee :)

Valerie (Tammy's sister in law).

Texas Tanners said...

My can't live without things were (and still are)my MOBY wrap, Sophie giraffe - worth every penny even if it does look like a dog chew toy - every kid I know that has one LOVES it, Wubanub - Megan had the bear and if we lost it we were in TROUBLE. My Breast the Boppy pillow only I thought it was much better. I actually didn't have one, but used it weekly at a lactation class I went to (had problems nursing) and it was way more comfortable.

The Roberts' said...

I would like to second:
-Medela lanolin (smoother than Lanisoh, which is goopy)
-Sophie the giraffe (killed me spending that much, but Elliot LOVES it & gnaws on it tons)
-My Brest Friend nursing pillow (so much better than a Boppy, especially if you are well-endowed)

I would like to add:
-A play yard/play mat - I have been able to put Elliot in it since very early on & it entertains him
-A bouncer/lounger chair - I don't know the real name for these, but something you can move from room to room to set him in (it stays in our bathroom now for when I shower)
-Dangleys for the carseat - we call them Elliot's tinkles b/c they, well, they make a tinkle noise. They captivated his attention from pretty early on.

I should blog about this, I'm sure there is more!

Anonymous said...

1. Aden and Anias swaddling blankets from Target. Our little guy is 17 months old and still sleeps with them (not swaddled). I'm going to have to buy more for baby #2!
2. Lanisoh
3. nursing tanks from Target; Motherhood has them, too, but they're more expensive than Target

Erica said...

Yes, you will LOVE the pack-n-play! And I love following your blog. I think I end up trying out most of the recipes you post, so thanks!

Brian and Jessica Ross said...

This list was compiled *with my hubby* of things we would happily buy again if anything were to ever happen to them. We also have a "waste of money" list that I am pasting...

Must Haves:

-Booginhead PaciGrip (can use on soothies, too!)
-Nursing Cover with boning
-Bumbo (they can sit to eat in this before they are big enough for a high chair and it's great in the snow and sand!)
-Travel Swing
-Layer Sheets/pads (on changing table too!) I put a pad, then sheet, then another pad, then another sheet on the bed so I can do a "quick change" if one gets spit up all over or peed on!
-Sleep Sacks
-Baby Bathtub with a net
-Burp Cloths (6-ply cloth diapers, don’t settle for others!)
-Spray-n-wash & washtub to presoak
-Rainforest Crib Soother
-Gerber soft spoons and pie wheel formula dispenser
-"Grass" Drying Rack
-Medela Cleaning Wipes
-Nipple shield
-Bouncer (the kind they can bounce themselves in!)
-Busy Bellies Duck (first toy she smiled and played with!)
-Sneaker socks
-Sassy Play Mirror
-Under the Sea play mat
-2 sets of nailclippers (one for the diaper bag since you want to do this when they are asleep)
-dirty diaper sack(s)
-bulb syringe from the hospital
-nursing tanks, sleeping bras, nursing shirts (a weeks worth)
-carseat cover drape
-inchbug orbit name
labels (and any monogramming - so helpful in the church nursery!)
-over-the-door storage
-diaper champ
-Pampers Swaddlers with wetness indicator strip

Wasted Money:
Swaddlers (the velcro kind, we prefer blankets)
Keep it Clean Paci
Vibrating only bouncer
Sleep Sheep
Receiving blankets
Mobi video monitor
Electric snot grabber
Newborn hats/mittens

Everyone is different but this was our list. Hope it helps.

christie and kyle said...

The Boppy pillow is for has a huge hole in the middle that goes around your waist when you are feeding, but the Boppy newborn lounger is like a contoured baby pillow that he can hang out on. I don't think you could do the same thing with the nursing pillow since it has that huge hole. I use both all the time...but for different purposes. Our lounger sits on our coffee table so baby can nap or have awake time right in front of me on the couch. He loves it!

christie and kyle said...

Oh also, Wes LOVES the miracle blanket. It is seriously the only way he will sleep without being held - which means it's the only way Kyle and I sleep also! He can get out of a swaddle with any other blanket. I'm probably going to go buy another so we have two on hand!

Team Carroll said...

Hands down, the Miracle Blanket. It has that name for a reason!!! Grant used his until he wore holes in it :) My husband would joke with me and say it was like a baby straight jacket, but omiword. It was our saving grace. If Grant was fussy and we couldn't calm him, the Miracle Blanket worked it's wonders and put him right to sleep. He also started sleeping through the night at around 4 1/2 weeks and I swear it was because of that blanket {and he wasn't nursing}. I would DEFINITELY put that at the top of my must have list!!!!

Ally said...

First things that come to mind... moby wrap, big blankets for swaddling, lanolin, california baby diaper rash cream (love this stuff), and the nosefrida snot sucker. That last one is a MUST HAVE for sure. It is weird but amazing.

One thing to remember is that every baby is different and they will like different things. Micah loved his swing and being swaddled super tight until he was 4 months old. Laurel hated the swing and hated being swaddled to sleep. So, it is trial and error. I definitely recommend some sort of bouncy seat, both of mine loved that.

As far as the itzbeen timer, if you have an iphone, there are apps you can download that do the same thing but are either free or cost a couple of bucks. My sister just had her baby and she has her phone by her side at all times. I'll ask her what app she has.