Wednesday, March 16, 2011

lunch date & a pregnancy craving

I went to lunch with Cinnamon today!! We usually get together for lunch every month or every other month, but we hadn't had lunch since October.  It had been WAY to long.
We went to Panera Bread. Yummy!!
I've been craving it since the beginning of my pregnancy.  Remember?? I finally just gave in to the craving, even though I'm not supposed to have lunch meat.  I got my Sierra Turkey Sandwich.
Oh.My.Word.  A Sierra Turkey Sandwich has never tasted so good!!

Looking forward to our next lunch date Cinnamon.  We might just have to go to Panera Bread again!!


Carissa said...

I have never had that sandwich, but the way you talk about it, I just might have to try it!