Wednesday, March 16, 2011

hard at work

Usually Spring Break is all about NOT working and relaxing, but this Spring Break I've been hard at work.  Monday, my Mom and I worked all day on cutting fabric for the bedding and making the curtain for Pearson's room.  Tuesday, my Mother in law came and helped us all day.  We made all the bedding and started on a few other little projects.  

Alisa and I cut out fabric, ironed together appliques, and made bed ties.
 Alisa also stitched together the ends of the bumper pads.
 My Mom is actually the one doing all the hard work.  She's been doing all the sewing. 
She is SO talented.  Give her some fabric and she can make anything!!  

Today Mom and I made a few blankets and a toy bag and started brainstorming on ideas for a hamper a diaper bag and a wall hanging.  We'll get started on all of that tomorrow!

I think it is all turning out super cute!! I can't wait to show it all to you!!

 You'll have to wait a little longer to see it all because I want the whole room to be finished before I show it to you.  We are still waiting for our rocker & ottoman to arrive and we need to paint.  I'll post some sneak peak pictures later this week and when it's all finished I'll give you all a tour of his little nursery!!


The Fenner's said...

For my next baby, I want to make their bedding. What did you use for the bumper? A pad that you can buy or like batting? Also, did you put zippers on them? Cute fabric also!

andreacarrier said...

Your mom really is talented. My Avery who is now 8 still has her "Avery" bunny bag your mom made her when she was born. She carries it to AWANA every Sunday and it is still in FANTASTIC condition.