Wednesday, March 09, 2011

calling all mommies: strollers

This weeks topic is......


Matt and I have been super blessed by his sister and brother in law.  They have three children, the youngest being a 17 month old little boy.  They have passed along almost all of the big baby items to us!!  One of the things they gave us was a travel system. 

It's a Quinny Zapp 4 with a Maxi Cosi infant carrier.  
It seems really great.  It folds up SUPER small.  It's designed to fit in the carry on storage on an airplane. It's turns really easy and rides really smooth.  The only thing I don't like about it is that there isn't a tray for Pearson (when he gets bigger), there are no cup holders for me, and the basket underneath is not very big.  (The picture above doesn't show the basket for some reason.)

So my question for you is....

Do you think I should invest in a bigger type stroller for when he is bigger?
What about jogging strollers?
Or on a smaller scale umbrella strollers?

What stroller do you have that you just absolutely love??


Brian and Jessica Ross said...

I think you will be happy with that set and you can add cupholders for yourself. They make great organizers and trays you can add to the back part of strollers now. I have the Chicco Travel System. I love the carseat but hate the stroller - too big and heavy! My advice would be to wait and purchase what you need when you need it. You may find that this one meets all of your needs.

The Fenner's said...

I think that will be good, I've seen the Quinny and it seems to move really well. I have the Chicco travel system and I LOVE IT! I also have an umbrella stroller ( Combi) and a Jogger ( jeep) and I 110% choose my Chicco. I love it and so does my kiddo. I do recommend buying cup holders for your stroller. That's one reason I don't like my Combi Umbrella.

As for the jogging stroller, you really are not supposed to jog with a baby until at LEAST 6 months, most pediatricians will say preferably 9. They need really good head control. If you are an avid jogger, I recommend the BOB Revolution. If you are just a light neighborhood runner, you should look into something like a jeep that is a fraction of the price! Good Luck!

Ashley said...

I'm thinking that stroller should more than suffice! You can buy clip on cup holders for yourself, & honestly, the kid tray isn't really that needed. By the time your kid is big enough & old enough to figure out the tray is there & how to use it, they will have grown out of the stroller. Once mine hit a year, I put the huge stroller in the attic. They are great when your kids are brand new and you clip the carseat into the stroller, and they are good when your kid is between like 6-12 months & sitting down in the stroller part, but once they hit a year, you will want the light weight conveinience of an umbrella stroller. I think you should stick with that one, then buy a light umbrella for later.

Sarah Baker said...

We have used our umbrella stroller from day one. For newborns, it's not as smooth as a ride as bigger strollers. But we have loved our Jeep umbrella stroller... it's lightweight and small enough to still maneuver in crowds. Once they are big enough to need/want a tray, they will be out walking and pushing the stroller themselves. Good luck!

Dana Bowen said...

I would agree with everyone else. What you have is perfect. I have had 4 different strollers so I'd like to say I'm some what of an expert haha j/k. I have the Chicco travel system which is really good for newborns b/c the car seat fits in and it lays totally flat so I can take a newborn without head controller in the actual stroller. After awhile I realized we didn't ever really use the actual stroller, we just kept him in the car seat so we bought (at Kid to Kid for like half price of new) a snap and go light weight and easy for shopping/travel etc. As he got older and we started traveling more we wanted a sturdy stroller that was light weight and easy to fold quickly for airports and Disney World buses (hey it's just a reality for us :) so we bought the Baby Jogger City Mini....LOVE it!! It folds totally flat with one hand! Seriously. And it has a huge sunshade and fits through the airport scanner folded. It is the perfect travel stroller. We do have the child tray attachment for it and I DO use it. Charlie eats puffs out of it and can pick up his cup and drink and put it back. It is a lifesaver when shopping and I want him busy...just saying. It doesn't have a cup holder for me, but I haven't really been bothered by that. I got a Mommy Hook (check BRU or Buy Buy Baby) and it is nice to hang bags on and I can hang a reusable water bottle I have that has a loop on it. We also HAD a jogging stroller that someone gave to us, but we traded it in for 25% off at BRU during their trade in sale :) I hated it b/c 1. I don't jog haha...2. The front wheel was "fixed" (didn't turn only straight forward) and it is a PAIN to turn in that thing. I know it is for safety when you are running, but my City Mini has a lock where you can lock and unlock the front wheel so it is much if you do get a jogging stroller, make sure the front wheel pivots. All in all I think you have exactly what you need for a while. Some day you might want a light weight stroller, but you can shop around for that when you need it. Check craigslist and consignment stores. But seems like what you have is pretty snazzy and will definitely get the job done.

Christi Foust said...

I'm sorry if I am repeating something someone said but I'm too exhausted to read all the posts just wanted to share before I forget! I have a Schwinn Free wheeler that I bought from Amazon for a little less than $200 after literally months of researching jogging strollers. If you have the money and want to spend it on a stroller go with a BOB but if you want to save a little the Schwinn is perfect! The free wheeler gives you the option of having a pivoting front wheel or you can lock it for speed walking or jogging. It comes with a tray so you can hook the carrier to the stroller with the tray which can also be used when he is older. I have put trenton in the stoller since he was two weeks old. It is actually a smooth enough ride to lay the seat down and walk with them when they are very little but I always used his carrier until he was 3 months. I never ran with him in there until he was about five months. You will be able to tell when your child's head/neck are stable enough for running. Anyway, I LOVE my jogging stroller and use it literally 5 days a week at least. It is kind of bulky so I have a smaller chicco one to keep in the car but it has been great when we needed a bigger one. It also has a parent tray. Mine is blue and green and I think its adorable but I know the one in this link is red a black. There are a few color options though. But that's my two cents!
Oh yes, it also has a weather protector that folds up into the oversize sun shade (which can unhook and pull down to color where ever the sun is hitting your little one) and the handle is adjustable and very comfy.