Sunday, November 20, 2011

baylor buds

Last night we hung out with two of Matt's college roommates, their wives and sweet baby Wade.  We went to a Sport Bar & Grill and watched the Baylor/OU game.  I was the only Aggie watching the game with 5 Baylor fans.  Fun huh?  I will give it to the Bears though.  They had a great game that resulted in a huge victory for them!!

{Matt, Jason, Justin, Pearson, & Wade}
{The Daddies and their boys}
{Johanna, Amber, Me, Wade & Pearson} 
We watched most of the first half at the restaurant, but Pearson lost it so we had to go back to the Henry's house for the rest of the game.  Pearson normally goes to bed around 7 or 7:30, so he actually did really good staying up late. I fed him at their house, put him in his PJ's and he was out.  

We realized that we hadn't gotten any pictures of the babies so I had to wake him up to take some pictures.

As you can see he was not that interested in taking pictures.  
 Wade on the other hand saw the camera and instantly started smiling!! They have him trained well.
 We did get a little smile when Pearson saw his Daddy, but of course he wasn't looking at the camera.
You would think Pearson would start smiling automatically too with the amount of pictures I take of him!!
 I can't wait to see our sweet boys grow up together.  
Even if they do end up being Baylor buds just like their Daddies. 


Brandi Gail said...

What cute little baby boys they are together! :)

Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh...Justin and Jason were my intramural flag football coaches freshman year at Baylor! Ha! Small world!!