Monday, November 14, 2011

pearson's first giggle

Matt and I have been trying to get Pearson to laugh for quite some time now.  Apparently he just doesn't think we are funny.  Matt can get him to give us a little "hah" here and there but never a full out giggle.  He doesn't really think I'm funny at all.  I can just get smiles.

Last Friday afternoon, I was playing with Izzie and he was in my lap.  He thought it was sooooo funny.  I immediately got my iPhone, propped it up on my foot, put it on reverse camera so I could see what I was videoing and we finally got him to giggle.....on camera!!!  

{Sorry for the quality of the video.  Like I was on the reverse camera of my iPhone.}
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Is that not the sweetest little giggle you ever did hear? I could seriously watch this video over and over.  



Brandi Gail said...

SO CUTE and PRECIOUS! He loves Izzy! :)

Ashley said...

so cute!! all those 1st milestones are so fun. believe me, they only get better!

Lindsay said...

so precious! i wish i had Hudson's first laugh on video...he was in the bath!

Unknown said...

So cute! I love it! I even made Joel watch... lol

Kyle and Darci said...

LOVE it!! Does he still that is funny?

PS the video really highlights your slim & trim arms girl! ;)