Tuesday, November 22, 2011


We busted out the Jumperoo about a month ago.  We are super lucky and got it as a hand-me-down from Pearson's cousin, Ethan.  These suckers are expensive and they only use them for such a short time.  I'm glad we didn't have to fork out the big bucks for one!!
He's liked it ever since we got it out, but he's really started enjoying it more this past week.  
 He will play and jump in it for a good 30 minutes or so a few times a day. 
 He can grab all the toys now and completely spin himself around to get to all the other toys.  
 I just love his serious little face.  He concentrates so hard when he's trying to get a toy in his mouth. 
I'm really loving this stage right now.  He's totally noticing everything around him.  It's so neat to see him discover everything for the first time.  

Now I've got to figure out where I'm going to move this gigantic toy because its sitting right where my Christmas tree goes.  We are putting up our Christmas tree tonight. When do you put yours up? 


Brandi Gail said...

that little boy is SO CUTE! My tree and decos have been up since SUN, since we are leaving town tomm! So nice to have it all done! :) Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

The Fenner's said...

Dylan LOVED his jumperoo. So much so that since it is still out , upstairs I was too lazy to put it away, He STILL gets in it and will jump around for a good 15 or 20 min. Until he realizes that he can't walk into the other room!

The Fants said...

so cute!! soon he'll be bouncing like a mad man!!
I remember how much Bryson loved his jumper and he acually napped better afterwards, too. Maybe it'll help P ;)

Micah and Nicole said...

Kaden LOVES his. And it is huge, but it goes all over the house with us. It's perfect to contain & entertain while I'm doing what I need to do.