Wednesday, November 30, 2011

iPhone rewind {november}

Here's what we've been up to this month according to my iPhone!!

Who needs food when you can just eat your Bumbo!!
Pearson LOVES when Daddy gets home!!
Sweet chubby cheeks.  He's out!
Mmmmmm.....I think I'll have some toes for snack!!
"But Mommy, I'm to cute to take a nap!"
Socks taste better than you would think!
Learning how to do the "tripod" sit.
Pearson got stuck under the coffe table while playing on his mat. 
Now that is a sleepy baby. 
Oh that smile!! I just love it!
Pearson is all about eating his fingers.  Doesn't matter which one, any will do. 
He loves sucking on a wash cloth during his bath time. 
We tried the high chair out for size and he played for quite a while in it. 
Izzie was close by waiting for crumbs.  She knows what's coming!!
Oh my goodness....when did my baby get so big?
Pearson's early Christmas present.  The Little People Nativity Scene.
Seriously, what else are they going to come up with for babies. 
I love his little cheeks and lips when he sleeps. 
I can't believe my husband wants this for Christmas.
Naptime in the car.
I made some homemade babyfood for Pearson to eat next month!
My little helper in the kitchen.
He's getting the hang of eating his rice cereal.


Christine said...

I got that same Nativity set for Naomi! She loves it! :)

Unknown said...

My husband wants that game for Christmas too. I guess boys never grow up.

The Gann's said...

Must be a "GREAT" game. John wants that one as well... just for Playstation 3! HA

Audrey & Randon said...

Pearson is adorable!!!

ashley, kyle, clay, and avery said...

Pearson is such a cutie! I hope he has a great first Christmas!