Monday, January 28, 2013

meal planning monday

Monday: Cranberry Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans and Rolls 

Tuesday: Taco Salad

Wednesday: Chicken Pot Pie & Salad 

Thursday: Meatloaf Meatballs, Macaroni & Cheese, & Salad

Friday: Date Night at Taste of Italy's

Saturday Breakfast: Pigs in a Blanket 

Saturday Lunch: In & Out 

Saturday Dinner: Oven Tacos & Rice  

 Sunday Lunch: Pizza Quesadillas  

Sunday Dinner: Super Bowl Party @ The LeBlancs
And a Foodie Bowl
Katy-Chicken and Potato Florentine Soup
Pearson-Hummus & Pita Chips
Matt-Chocolate Cherry Brownies


The Fenner's said...

The taste of italy in garland? On bucking ham and shilo? I LOVE that place!