Monday, January 07, 2013

weekend wrap-up

I wasn't around here on my blog this weekend, but I've found a new love for Instagram in the last few weeks so that's where I've been on a daily basis.  My new iPhone 5 takes even better pics than my old phone so I'm lovin' getting lots of fun pictures of our everyday life without having to haul around my giant DSLR.  So if you ever want to catch me on Instagram you can follow me @katylink.

We started off our weekend with a sick Daddy on Friday.  Me and P spent lots of time together playing on Friday while I took care of Matt.  We even had a little FaceTime with Pearson's cousin's to wish Aunt Ashley a Happy Birthday!!
Pearson loves his new toy that Nonnie gave him for Christmas.  He could race these cars forever.  
While Matt continued to rest I know this probably isn't the best thing for my toddler to be playing with (so don't judge), but he found this pill box (that doesn't have any pills in it) and was entertained with it for a good long while!!  He loved opening up and closing each of the lids. 
I've determined that our little guy is definitely left handed.  He always does things with his left hand.  If I give him a writing utensil, I always give it to his right hand and he always switches to his left hand.  I'm pretty sure Matt is thrilled to have a little lefty for sports reasons.
 Pearson always surprises me with what he eats.  I made Chicken Caesar Pasta for me and Matt for dinner.  I just gave him some of the chicken, some plain pasta with parmesan on it, and some Edamame.  He would not touch his pasta and all he wanted was the Caesar Salad off my plate!! He loved it.  
 Last night we had a dinner party with our Small Group.  The other three girls that have babies brought theirs because they are 2, 4, and 6 months old.  We left crazy busy Pearson home with a babysitter! The girls wondered why I didn't bring Pearson and I just said, "You'll understand when you have an 18 month old!" None of their babies move yet!!
 One of the little girls that I babysat when I was a teenager babysat Pearson while we were gone! Crazy!! He had such a fun time with her.  When we got home he looked at me and Matt then went right back to Amy and asked her to pick him up.  I think he made a new friend with Miss Amy!
 And even though I didn't go back to work today, I'm still working on getting back into the swing of things.  Over the "Christmas Break", I kind of slacked on my chores, stayed up too late, and slept in a little too much.  This week I will be working on getting back into our normal routine!!

Happy Monday, y'all!!