Monday, April 29, 2013

first swim of the season

Today it was 85 and sunny, which sounded to me like the perfect weather for our first swim of the season. 
Once I got Pearson out of his stroller, he couldn't have agreed more!! 
Olivia was pretty happy to be there with us too!!

Carson went on a trip with Pops so it was just the little ones today. They were precious together!! One of them would start splashing and the other would follow and then they would just giggle and laugh and run around.  It was too cute!!
We were at the pool for almost two hours this afternoon and I'm pretty sure this smile never came off of his face!! He had an absolute blast today!!
Of course the smile had to come off during snack time. This kid is serious about his food!!
 Oh boy, I see lots more days like this at the pool in our near future!!  So glad warm weather is finally  here!!!  (Well, at least for the next two days.  I think it's supposed to be 57 on Thursday.  Weird.)
Wanna join us next time???


Faith said...

Yes!! We do want join next time ;)! We need to plan another play date again - April and May are SO busy for us, so hopefully come June we can join y'all at the pool!

The Fenner's said...

I can't wait for our pool to open. It's usually memorial day though, so we have a while!:) Graham thought the backyard pool water was too cold, and I have to agree with him. But I'm sure we will be at the pool LOTS this summer too!

Alisa said...

Pearson and Olivia looked like they were having so much fun. Such cuties they are!

Christine said...

You know we are always up for the pool! :)

christie and kyle said...

Let us know when you go...we'd love to join!