Monday, April 08, 2013

jenn's surprise party

On Saturday night we went to a surprise party for Matt's sister.  She LOVES birthdays so her husband went all out with a surprise party for her 40th. 
She was completely surprised. She had absolutely no idea she was coming to her surprise party.  She thought they were going out to dinner with another family to celebrate her birthday.

The sweet birthday girl who doesn't even look like she could be 40.

David did a great job planning her party! He was a smart man and didn't tell the boys, so they were actually surprised too!!
We had some delicious fajitas from Jalepeno Tree for dinner then Jenn opened presents and we watched a video of her full of pictures of her all throughout her life.

It was fun seeing Matt's side of the family two weekends in a row since we were all together for Easter last weekend.  
The kiddos had a ball playing together in the backyard of the family who hosted the party.  They seriously had the best backyard!!  
Happy Birthday Jenn!!

**And thank you Nicole for all of the pictures since I forgot my camera!!


fancyashstyle said...

Super cute top

Darci said...

fun, i love surprise parties! and you are right, she doesn't look 40 at all!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

LOVE your top!

Matt's family sure does like surprise parties. Didn't you guys go to another not long ago?