Sunday, August 25, 2013

baby no. 2 {14 weeks}

how far along? 14 weeks
how are you measuring? Right on track.  I was measuring one day ahead in my sono. 
size of baby? size of a lemon
heartbeat? 180's bpm (at our 13 week appt)
total weight gain/loss? 0 lbs
maternity clothes? No maternity clothes yet, but I did pull them out this week because I feel like the day is coming.  However, all of my pants were way to big, so it looks like I'll be wearing the Bella Band in the near future before I really grow a bump that fits into my maternity pants. 
stretch marks? No new ones. Just a few faded ones leftover from my sweet first born!
sleep?  Sleeping pretty good this week with only one to two bathroom trips a night.  I starting to be able to stay up a little later at night and I only took three naps this week.  I'm really hoping my energy is starting to come back!!
best moment this week?  We had a fun trip visiting Matt at work this week and I started my "Nesting To Do List".  This week I got my closet all cleaned out!! Next up.....our bathroom.  
movement? I keep think I'm feeling it but I have had really bad gas lately so it's actually that.  I'm so excited that I will be feeling him or her soon. 
food cravings? Pasta! I had pasta so much this week which probably accounts for my weight gain. 
gender predictions? I still honestly have no idea.  With Pearson I feel like I always knew he was a boy, but I just don't know this go round.  I keep going back and forth.  Every time we ask Pearson, he always says girl.  We even switch the order that we ask him so he doesn't just say the last one.  He always says girl.  I wonder if he is right.  We scheduled our gender sono for September 24th.  I can't wait to find out!!!
what i miss? I miss feeling thin.  I'm totally in the in between stage where I don't really look pregnant but just a little fluffy. 
what i'm looking forward to? I am so ready to find out what we are having.  At this point with Pearson I had nursery ideas and names thought of for both sexes, but with this one I am just waiting to find out so I only have to plan one nursery and one name.  I can't wait to know if we'll have another blue nursery or a little splash of pink in our house!!
how are you feeling? No complaints this week.  I'm feeling great!! Okay, one thing.....I black out all the time. Not just when I go from laying to standing. So annoying!!
comparisons to last pregnancy? I'm starting to show sooner. 

Here I am 14 weeks with Pearson and 14 weeks with Baby No. 2.


Lindsay said...

You are looking great! PS: I'm so behind on reading your blog so I may overload you with comments this weekend. :)