Thursday, December 19, 2013

christmas yights

One thing we have heard a million times this Christmas season is.....
"Hey, Yook at dose Christmas yights ober dare"
Translation: Hey, Look at those Christmas lights over there.

Anytime Pearson sees Christmas lights he quickly lets us know.   I knew we would have a blast this year continuing our tradition to look at Christmas lights in our PJ's together as a family.
Last year we just cruised around in our town since we didn't really know how much Pearson would like it.  This year we decided to go to Deerfield to look at lights.
It was awesome.  I liked looking at lights there better than Highland Park.  Sooooooo many houses were decorated.  We went on a weeknight before school had let out so it wasn't crowded at all.  I heard from friends that the weekend after school let out until Christmas that is was a nightmare.  Lots of traffic and moving very slow.  We'll definitely go back next year and we'll be sure to go on a weeknight before school lets out again to avoid the chaos!!

Here's a little video of Pearson enjoying the lights......
If you plan on going to look at lights at Deerfield, I highly suggest reading this post.  It's full of lots of great info!!