Friday, December 21, 2012

a new Christmas tradition

We started a new Christmas tradition tonight.  We went to look at Christmas lights in our PJ's!!
For the past few years there has been a house in our neighborhood with some crazy Christmas they have it set to a radio station crazy!!  They recently moved so they put a sign in front of their old house with directions to their new house.  It was about 10 minutes from our house so we took a little drive.
We parked the car in front of their house and let Pearson get a good view of the lights.  Poor thing has to really stretch his neck to see the lights in the back seat since he is still rear facing. 
We even got out and really looked at the lights.  Here's a little show for you to see.....
After watching this house we drove around to another neighborhood.  As soon as we were in the neighborhood we spotted another "crazy house" far in the distance.  We drove around until we found it! It was really neat, too.  They also had theirs tuned to a radio station.  They even had a really cute Christmas commercial thanking us for stopping by their house, wishing us a very Merry Christmas and reminding us that Jesus is the Reason for the Season.  

What a fun night for our little family.  Next year we'll have to add a Starbucks run to the tradition!!


The Fants said...

That's so fun :)
We always do this, too and this year Bryson was loving it!
We didn't see any "crazy" houses, but those are always so much fun!