Tuesday, December 25, 2012

to grandmother's house we go....

I love that we are still able to celebrate Christmas at my grandma's house! We had a few family members missing but it's nice to have most of the family all together.  It's always nice to see my cousins from Tennessee since we don't get to see them often.
Sadly, I didn't get too many pictures this evening. Here are a few little snapshots of our evening together.

Nonnie with three of my cousins......Ashton, Mackenzie & Kennedy.

Reading book with Lolly.
 Waiting patiently for his new toy cell phone.
Nonnie & Lolly 
I love this handsome guy!
And the Christmas fun isn't over for us yet.....we get to celebrate with Matt's family tomorrow!!


Alisa said...

Love the look on Pearson's face as he is obviously trying to get on with things! Who has time to sit and take pictures when there is all those fun Christmas toys to play with.