Friday, December 14, 2012

a heavy heart

I had another post in mind for today but I feel like my time is better spent tonight in prayer.
My heart is so heavy for the families of the shooting in Connecticut.  This all just hits way too close to home being a former Kindergarten teacher and now a Mom.  When I taught we would always do "Code Black" drills.  My kids never understood what it meant, so I always had to just say that we have to practice hiding just incase a bad guy was to ever come into our school.  Of course I assured them it would never happen and we had nothing to worry about, but those poor children in Connecticut had to experience what we never thought would happen in an elementary school.

I know I squeezed my boy a little bit tighter tonight.  I hope that if you have children you thank the Lord for them and squeeze them a little tighter tonight too. 
My prayers go out to all of the families who were affected by this awful shooting and I pray that the Lord will give them all comfort during this difficult storm. 


Alisa said...

My heart is heavy too Katy. Like you, we used to practice lock down when I taught preschool. We actually had a lock down one time that was just precautionary that didn't involve our school. Just incomprehensible to think something like this could really happen. My heart broke as I prayed for those family members who would not be spending Christmas with their loved ones this year.

Julie said...

Yesterday also left me with a heavy heart. We practice lockdown drills at preschool, but I never think of ever having to actually use them. Yesterday made me think differently. It always saddens me when anybody has to say good-bye to their child because that's just not the natural order of how life is supposed to happen, but it saddens me even more knowing that it happened just 11 days before Christmas.

Allie said...

Amen!! I told my students I was sorry that they lived in a time where things like this happen in school. I was in school when columbine happened, but mass shooting are happening all too frequently now. :(