Tuesday, December 25, 2012

pearson's 1st snow

When Pearson woke up from his nap this afternoon we opened his curtains so he could see snow for the very first time! He didn't know what to think about it. He just stared and stared outside. 
When we took him outside.  He was not really impressed at all.  
 He was still kind of waking up from his nap and I'm sure he was wondering why we were taking him out in the freezing cold. 
 He was a much happier little guy when we took him back inside where it was warm so he could play with all of his new toys!!
I think it is so cool that Pearson's first snow was on Christmas Day!!


Alisa said...

Oh that sock monkey hat is too cute. Almost as cute as the little guy wearing it!

Alicia said...

Sweet photos! I too LOVE the sock monkey hat! Animal hats on kiddos are so stinking adorable. What a fun time in the snow! We were in Houston as we saw all the beautiful pictures of snow. So thankful to come back to a beautiful WHITE home:)

Darci said...

Love his hat! And his face in those pictures outside are too funny...he's less than enthused! :)

Lindsay said...

His hat is so cute! Hudson wasn't sure what to think about the snow either!