Sunday, July 13, 2014

a day at the perot museum

A few weeks ago I attended a media event at the Perot Museum. I brought the boys, my Mom, my SIL, and her kids.  We had a great day together and the best part was that we all got in for free!!

I say this all the time, but I am so thankful for my double stroller.  It was a lifesaver!!
Because we had four small kids with us (age 5, 2-age 3, and 5 months) we made a quick spin through the majority of the museum. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not a huge fan of museum.  They are a "see it once" kinda thing to me.  We went once last summer and I pretty much felt like I saw it all and never really needed to come back.  We didn't get a chance to do any of this interactive stuff last time we came because it was so busy.  Pearson and Olivia really enjoyed putting things on top of this fan and watching them fly.  
Pearson also enjoying watching these balls go through different mazes.  
He and Lolly also made some shapes with these cool magnets.  
Music is right up Pearson's alley so he loved playing these drums and piano.  
I was so glad that my Mom tagged along so I could have an extra set of hands to help me with the boys!
As part of the media event we got tickets to watch the 3D movie. It was called "Flight of the Butterflies" and it was all about Monarch butterflies.  When I taught Kindergarten we always had caterpillars and watched them turn into butterflies.  It was always one of my favorite parts of the year.  I really enjoyed this little movie.  I even learned some things I didn't know about Monarch butterflies. 
After lunch in the cafe we headed down to the Children's Museum for a little while for the kids to play.  They all really loved the little market area.    
Pearson was a little wild in the water table splashing water everywhere so I encouraged I'm to find somewhere else to play.  
He headed to Downtown Dallas to do a little work in the factory.  
It was so cute seeing him work with other children that he didn't even know. 
While Pearson was playing I attempted to give Nash a bottle, but it wasn't happening.  He's just not a fan.  
Pearson's favorite part of the Children's Museum was the little camping site.  He and Carson's played there for quite a while.  I'm a little disgusted at the fact that Pearson's really helped himself to the drinks and the steak. Oh well!!

It's so nice to have a Mom and a Sister in Law that both stay home so that we can enjoy fun outings like this together during the week.  


Carissa Howard said...

I just have to say I love the top you are wearing! It's super cute and flattering!