Sunday, July 13, 2014

pearson's 3rd birthday

How is this possible???

I can't believe my first baby is THREE years old.  
We spent the day doing all of his favorite things. 

We started off the morning with donuts for breakfast!!

That is one proud 3 year old. 
Nash took a morning nap while Pearson and I played with some of his new toys from his party, then we were off to swim lessons at 10am.  He wasn't super thrilled about them, but afterwards he said he wanted to go back.  
After we ran a couple of errands, we headed to Chick-A-Way (as Pearsons says) to meet Daddy for lunch.  
After a nice long nap (since he was worn out from swim lessons and playing at CFA) we met my parents at Taco Bueno for dinner…….birthday boy's choice!
This kid could live on Taco Bueno.  I swear he eats more than I do there. 
I happen to have a 50% off coupon so we got to eat for super cheap!!
It was finally times for presents when we got home.  We gave him a set of legos and a new outfit.  Lolly & Pops also gave him a set of legos and a fun velcro ball set.  Nonnie gave him a beach towel and legos as well. 
One lucky birthday boy!!
If you asked Pearson what he wanted for his birthday, he told me "legos" every single time, so I'm pretty sure he was a happy camper with three new sets of legos.  
We had a blast celebrating our big 3 year old all day!!
Happy Birthday Big Boy!!


The Cozads said...

Lego sets are the best! Happy Birthday to Pearson! It's so neat to see him grow!