Saturday, July 05, 2014

did you know we had a baby?

Surely you have noticed by now that we have had a baby!!

I was totally going to send out announcements because I swore I wouldn't be one of the parents who forgets to do things for the 2nd kid.  But sadly, our sweet babe is almost five months old and I still haven't printed out his birth announcements.  At this point it just seems silly to send them out!!

But just in case you didn't know we had a baby……

Meet our sweet baby boy
Nash Matthew Link
I ordered this template off Etsy.  It was super cute on the site and their text was easy to read, but once I added the picture of Nash and our own text the writing was practically impossible to read.  I didn't really like how it turned out but since he was already 3 months at this point and I had already bought the template I decided to just go with it and print up a few to send to family.  I was going to have my SIL print them at White House Custom Colour but for some reason my template wouldn't print right, so I just said forget it! 

So we are just going digital with Nash's birth announcement. Ha!
I still plan on getting at least one printed for a keepsake and to frame in Nash's room, but let's be honest, I'm sure I won't get around to that until he's almost one!! 

Poor second kid.  I swear we love him just as much as Pearson!!


Lolly said...

Oh well, you and I are proof that second kids do turn out okay!! Ha! I barely have any baby photos - Nonnie says it was food on the table or photos of me - so food won out! Nash is certainly not lacking in photos.