Wednesday, July 16, 2014

pearson {3 yrs 1 month}

  • You fell in the pool at Nicole & Bryan's and shook you up pretty bad.  Thankfully Grandaddy was close by and jumped in to get you (with his clothes on). You used to love the pool but you have been pretty anti-swimming lately. 
  • You call your swim suit a "swim soup".
  • When it's sprinkling outside you say it's "sparkling".
  • You have started telling us about the Poke Guys.  We aren't totally sure how you came up with them but they are apparently scary and always in your room.  
  • Something happened the day you turned 3 and you have been so disobedient and defiant.  
  • You HATE nap time but always fall asleep and still sleep for a solid 3 hours. 
  • You will always agree to take 3 bites of food because you are 3 if it's something you don't want. 
  • I love to watch So You Think You Can Dance and you love to watch it with me.  You call it the Cue Music Show since Nigel always says Cue Music!
  • You love to dance and have some pretty good moves.  You can really feel the beat. 
  • You are starting to tell time digital.  
  • You love birthday parties!!! The cake is always your favorite. 
  • I took you to the movies to see Turbo and you did great!
  • Toast with beans in it is cinnamon raisin toast. 
  • Everything has to come from a store. Chicken is from the chicken store.  Shoes are from the shoe store.  Phones are from the phone store, etc.