Tuesday, December 16, 2014

pearson {3 years 6 months}

  • For Christmas you are asking Santa for a bike.  We kind of talked you into it, because you originally wanted Power Wheels Car.  We told you that Santa couldn't fit that down the chimney! You agreed, but were then concerned that a bike wouldn't fit either.  We assured to it will!!
  • You are all about Christmas lights.  You love to look at them anytime we are out in the evening.  
  • You always ask us if things are close or far when we get in the car.  You like to know how long our drive will be. 
  • I've know that you could read most sight words for a while now but I finally sat down with you are let you read some books to me and I am shocked at how much you can read.  It's crazy to say that my 3-yd old can read. 
  • I love it when  you say "Oh man!" and "Ta-da!
  • You are so rough with Nash, but thankfully Nash doesn't mind it one bit.
  • You have turned into a little lego mania.  You love to look at all the pictures and build everything the exact same way. 
  • You call Swiss Cheese, Squish Cheese.
  • You want light up shoes for Christmas so bad.  It's all you can talk about.  
  • In the car you always ask us to turn up the radio a "wittle bit wouder".
  • You are SO afraid of automatic flushing toilets and hand dryers. 
  • You know our address.