Monday, December 29, 2014

To Grandmother's (Nonnie's) House we Go!

After the boys took their afternoon naps and Mommy & Daddy had a little bit of time to straighten the house and relax on the couch for a bit, we all headed over to Nonnie's house for more Christmas celebrations!  Nash got some fun stuff, but he was definitely more interested in the boxes, tissue paper, and wrapping paper this year!!
This puzzle of the United States is so cool.  It says it is for 6 & up but Pearson is so good at puzzles that after doing it with Daddy twice, he can now do it on his own.  Plus, he is starting to learn his states!!
 Anytime we lose something Pearson always goes to Matt's drawer and gets his flashlight to look for it. Nonnie got him this awesome headlight, so now he has his own headlight to look for things.  
He was on a mission to find something under the couch right away!!
 His absolute favorite present from Nonnie was light up shoes.  I'm not normally a fan of light up shoes,  but Pearson really wanted them and Nonnie was also getting Olivia.  I kind of didn't have a choice in the matter.  I did, however, decided to find some tasteful light up shoes.  I wasn't going to let him wear shoes with lights AND characters on them.  I just couldn't go there.  I ended up finding these at Carter's and picked them up for Nonnie to give to him.  He was thrilled over them.  In fact, the day after Christmas he put them on with his PJ's at 9am and didn't take them off all day!!
It's always so fun to get together at Christmas with my Mom's side of the family because I don't get to see my cousins very often.   
 Most of them live in Nashville so we just get to see them twice a year. 
It's always crazy when we all get together because there are so many of us, but it sure is a good time!
It's so fun to see my cousins playing with my kids because they were about this young when I was a teenager.  I have such great memories of playing with my little cousins when they were young.  It's so crazy to see them all growing up now.  
 Love spending all my Christmas' with this guy!!
 Nash was such a trooper for all of our celebrations.  He is such a happy, easy going, go with the flow kind of baby!!  
 We forgot to take a family picture until the end of the night so this was the best we could get.  The boys don't look super happy, but they sure were.  They had the best time hanging out with all the family!


The Fenner's said...

We got that map puzzle too!

Dylan got light up shoes for the first time this year. His are stride rite and blue and orange. I also draw the line at light up.AND characters.... No way!!