Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pearson Performs at School

Pearson's school has a performance in the Fall & Spring.  I love that they do this instead of doing a Christmas program and End of the Year Program.  Both of those times of the year get so busy, so it's nice they choose the "off-seasons" to do their performances.  Earlier in the school year Pearson was having a tough time behaving at school.  It was no surprise that the teacher came walking out holding his hand.  I told Matt, that as a former teacher, I knew exactly what that meant!  
**Thankfully since then he turned a big corner and is behaving much better at school!!
For some reason when Pearson is on stage he can't keep his hands off of his face.  I guess he doesn't know what to do with them.
At one point, he and his little friend Brynn were both digging for gold in their nose.  We were all laughing so hard!!
Pearson loves to sing so he did a great job singing all of his song that he had learned in music class.

**Videos will come at a later date!!

Grammy & Grandaddy drove in to hear Pearson sing.
Pops was out of town, but Lolly & Nonnie joined us as well.  


Alisa said...

So fun seeing Pearson sing in his school program. You never know what to expect in preschool programs. He was so cute!