Monday, December 29, 2014

Wrapping Up Christmas

We had our last Christmas celebration with Matt's family on Saturday.  We didn't get around to taking a family picture but we did take a girl pictures.  I love all the girls so much!!

Grandaddy recently had back surgery so he could only hold Nash sitting down. 
Grandaddy wasn't the only one giving Nash lots of attention!
 Everybody loves our happy little baby!!
Pearson had been looking forward to going to Ethan's house ALL.DAY.LONG.  He absolutely adores his cousin Ethan who is about about year and half older.  
They are so silly together and have so much fun with each other. 
Nicole set a beautiful Christmas table and we all brought some yummy dishes for our Christmas Dinner. 
 All the cousins (minus Nash) ate in the kitchen.
 The adults got to eat in dining room!
This little guy got to hang out on the floor with us!!  
 Once I was finished eating he munched on some crackers in my lap because he kept crawling off!!
 The kids all finished eating quickly and begged us to hurry up so we could open gifts.  Nash is the lucky boy this year because he got to open up his gifts first since he is the youngest.  
 We open all of our gifts one at a time with Matt's family so Pearson helped everyone open gifts in between opening his.  
 After opening up all of our awesome gifts we busted out the karaoke machine turned the colored lights on and busted out some tunes!!  We had SO much fun singing!!
 Pearson even joined in on the fun and sang Jingle Bell Rock!! He did awesome!!
 It was WAY past his bedtime but he enjoyed listening to everyone sing.
**I've got lots of videos I want to post but they aren't uploading tonight for some reason.  I'll get to it another night!
 Nash was stil bouncing around and as happy as can be even though it was way past his bedtime too.  He finally crashed in Grammy's arms around 10pm.  We left around 11pm and the boys slept all the way home.  
 What a fun night we had with our Link side of the family.  It's always a good time when we all get together!!