Monday, December 22, 2014

cookies for santa

Last year we made Christmas cookies for the first time and it was a hit.  It's officially a Christmas tradition now that we have done it again!
While the cookie making was going on, this little cutie was happily playing under the kitchen table with his cars!!

  We tried a new recipe this year from the recommendation of a friend and they were great.  We used this recipe for the cookies and this recipe for the icing.  
 Pearson's favorite part was picking out the cookie cutters and cutting the cookies out. 
 Waiting for the cookies to cook and cool was hard but Pearson was so patient and so excited when we could finally put "sparkles" on them!!
 Daddy was on Nash duty for most of the cooking making, but he didn't get to join in on the sprinkle decorating……and the eating of the cookies of course!
 Our kitchen was a complete mess afterwards….
…..but it was totally worth it to see this sweet boy smile!!  
Next year Nash will get to join in on the fun and help big brother decorate cookies! I can't wait!!

And because I love a comparison good comparison picture…...