Saturday, February 28, 2015


We aren't huge Valentine's Day celebrators, but I do like to get the boys a little something.  I like it to be practical so this year I got them some matching PJ's!  Matt and I just get each other cards and I always request to not cook dinner!! He doesn't have to take me out anywhere fancy, I'm happy with take out or even fast food.  I just don't want to have to fight a crowd!!
Valentine's slipped up on me this year and I didn't get around to having my Mom make them shirts.  I dug up a hand me down shirt from Carson for Pearson and put Nash is red to match.  I just love these two sweet boys so much!!
My Dad was out of town for Valentine's Day so my Mom decided to have a little Valentine's Party for the big grandkids. Nash will have to wait a few years before he gets invited!!  The first thing she had planned for them was to hop on the hearts to the party.  Pearson called it "hot chalk".  He thought it was hop scotch!
Lolly had the table all set up for a super fun party.  Pearson was so excited!!

While Pearson was at the party, Matt and I (and our little third wheel) slipped away for an early dinner. 
We went to Frankie's right down the street from our house.  We walked right in with no wait, but when we left there was a ton of people waiting.  Going to dinner at 5pm on Valentine's Day was the smart thing to do!!
Our little third wheel was quite the ham at dinner time.  He was flirting with everyone around us.  He was for us as long as we kept the goldfish coming!!  
Thanks Lolly for planning such a fun party for the big cousins! I know they all had a blast!!

Friday, February 27, 2015

it's snowtime!!

I was hesitant to tell Pearson about the snow last night because it was such a letdown on Wednesday.  But this morning when I saw on the radar that it was already snowing in Fort Worth, I knew it was really coming to Dallas!!  I told Pearson to be on the lookout for snow and he was!!  He sat by our window most of the morning waiting for the snow and then for the majority of the morning just watching it come down.  
I stepped outside to make sure nothing was slippery and there was a good amount of snow to play in before we all headed out.  
I wanted to get a cute picture of the boys together, but Pearson would not sit down next Nash! Nash couldn't really move because I had so many layers on him.  He was like a giant marshmallow.  
We pulled the wagon out and this was the best picture I could get.  Pearson was just itching to get out in the snow!!
He was so excited to be out in the snow, but he didn't really want to do anything.  He didn't want to make snowballs or footprints or even a snow angel.  I think the idea of playing in the snow was a whole lot more fun than actually playing in the snow.  He was sooooooo cold!!

Nash just chilled in the wagon while I played with Pearson for a bit.  He wouldn't crack a smile.  
So serious and not impressed. 
My chunky monkey that loves to eat finally realized that he could eat the snow.  Snow was sticking to his socks (that he was wearing as mittens) so he started eating it!! 
 I was laughing so hard at Nash.  He is always on the move but he literally wouldn't budge.  Or smile.
Big brother came over for a few hugs and to try to make him laugh but it didn't work.  
It actually did quite the opposite.  Nash done done D.O.N.E done.  
Pearson and I threw a few snowballs and then we all headed inside to warm up.  
It probably took us about 20 minutes for us to get all bundled up to go outside and I think we only lasted out in the snow for about 10 minutes!!

do you wanna build a snowman?

When Matt got home from work, we got all bundled up again so we could build a snowman!!
We quickly realized that the snow was still really soft and it wasn't going to be possible to make a real snowman, so we went for more of a snow blob instead of a snowman!!
Pearson was proud of his little snow blob though!!
We snapped a few pictures of each other and then it was time to head back inside.  It was COLD!!!!!
 We definitely aren't made for this cold weather.  Nash was totally unimpressed and Pearson lost interest really quick.  His hand were cold and he was hungry.  That's all he could think about.  
I love the snow when I'm dressed for in in Colorado or New Mexico while skiing but in Texas it's just not as fun.  However, I'm thankful for an occasion snowy day to make these fun memories with my sweet boys!! 

oh the weather outside is frightful

The weather has been quite crazy here in the Dallas area this week!!

Day 1: Monday
It rained all night and everything was frozen in the morning with the temperature not predicted to get over 32.  We were supposed to have MOPS but it got cancelled, so we had a PJ day at home!!
Matt stayed home from work since most of what he needed to do could be done from home.  There was no reason to risk getting out on the icy roads.  Pretty much every school district around us was closed.  Most of the day we had to tell Pearson that if our bedroom door was closed, that meant Daddy needed it to be quiet to work.  There were a few times that Matt let Pearson come in, and he immediately grabbed his own computer and got to work too!!
While I have to get out of the house most days to stay sane, Pearson really does love staying at home and playing all day.  He is such a good independent player. He loves pretty much any activity I put in front of him.  My Mom gave him this kinetic sand in his stocking. I had been saving it for a rainy day, so today's icy day seemed like the perfect day to pull it out.  He literally played with this for hours……of and on almost all day long.  It was definitely a hit!!
We spent afternoon nap time FaceTiming with some friends.  We called my friend Gina and talked to her kiddos, Sawyer and Tyler, then talked Pearson friend Brynn, then we talked to Carson and Olivia at Lolly's house!!
We also snuggled up in bed and watched "The Cookie Show" (The Pioneer Woman's Cooking Show) that we had missed on Saturday.  Pearson loves watching that show with me.  
We ended our night all snuggled on the couch with some popcorn for a good ole family movie night.  Our choices were kind of slim on Netflix, but Pearson chose Tarzan and really liked it.  

Day 2: Tuesday
Schools all over our area were closed again because all the roads were still frozen.  Sadly this meant that Pearson's preschool was cancelled as well.  We busted out our entire Rainy Day Box and had lots of fun activities to keep us busy!  Books we hadn't seen in a while, play dough, sticker books, magic markers, coloring books etc.

This weather must be really great for naps because Nash took two really awesome naps!!  Matt left for work around 10:30 when the ice started to melt and he said he drove 80mph on the highway all the way home from work.  The roads were completely fine so after the kids were in bed I slipped away to CVS to do my weekly run.  I was going stir crazy in the house!!! Everything had completely dried, however sleet, freezing rain, and snow were in our forecast for the next day!!

Day 3: Wednesday
Matt had to leave for work at 6am for a meeting in Grapevine but that's right when it really started sleeting.  He decided to conference call in since the weather was only getting worse.  Most of the schools around us were on regular schedule, but very last minute Wylie decided to delay school 2 hours.  The weathermen said it was supposed to snow 2-4 inches so we told Pearson to be on the lookout for snow!! We all hung out by the window reading books while we waited for the snow.  
And yes, Pearson was reading his books IN the box!

Around 8:30am it started to snow.  Pearson kept saying, "Look Mom, it's raining snow!!"  (And yes, he calls me Mom now…'s so sad!)
After we put Nash down for a nap, me and Pearson went outside to "play" in the snow.  The weathermen got it right that it was going to snow, but it definitely wasn't the 2-4 inches we were expecting.  It was pretty pathetic.  
It didn't seem to bother Pearson one bit that the snow was pretty pathetic because as he was hopping around making footprints, he kept say "THIS IS SO FUN!!!"  We stayed out for about 10 minutes because I was getting cold!!  
 We came inside and warmed up by watching some Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on Netflix.  We just happened to be on Episode 33 and it was an show about a snowy day!! When it was over Pearson saw the title of the next one and it was a snowy day one too!! I decided to be a "yes mom" and let him watch two shows in one day, which is a rare occasion.  I figured how many times do we actually have snowy days in Dallas!!
While I've been itching to get out of the house, it's been nice to stay in my PJ's literally all day and have no reason to go anywhere!! It's kind of nice when life just slows down a little bit!!