Saturday, September 12, 2015

date night tyler style

Four months without a real date is way to long.  Our last Parent's Night Out in Dallas was May 1st.  A date night was long over due here in Tyler.  Green Acres Baptist does a similar thing as The Heights but they call their Kid's Night Out.  We signed up the boys for their Football Frenzy night, paid our $20 and had a night out on the town!  I asked my MOPS group for recommendations of restaurants that were unique to Tyler.  Most of the suggestions included Villa Montez.  The restaurant is a beautiful old house that sits up on a hill.  It's a Latin American restaurant, which is right up our alley because we love Gloria's!!
I started with a Raspberry Mojito and Matt had a Dos Equis.  
We chose Queso Fundido as our appetizer.  Different from your average queso, but delicious.
Matt ordered the Carne Asada which came recommended by a friend and I chose the Margarita Shrimp which was recommended by our server.  I think we both made excellent choices.  
Looking forward to many more date nights and trying out new restaurants in Tyler with this guy!!


fancyashstyle said...

Queso and drink are making my mouth water! Your hair looks great!