Wednesday, May 20, 2009

whiryball rookie

Have you ever played WhirlyBall before?

If you were like me, I had no idea what WhirlyBall was until I played it last Friday with my Sunday School class.

WhirlyBall is an exciting combination of basketball, polo, and hockey, played in specially equipped bumper cars called "WhirlyBugs." There are 12 people playing at once and the games last 8 minutes

All the girls sat out for 2 of the games at the end. We let the guys have some real competition, while the ladies chatted and laughed at how funny the guys looked crashing into each other!

Here is Matt in his "WhirlyBug." He was just a little competitive in the game.

Overall it was a fun night....except for the 3 bruises I came home with!!


haleypep said...

Hi love! Long time no see! I'll go ahead and confess to being a blog-stalker. I ended up on yours from Ally's. Fun to hear what is going on in your life! BUT as I was looking at your fun photos I noticed something -- are Justin and Joey Henry in your Sunday School class? I grew up with Justin, he kind of was my almost-brother. Please give him a big HUG for me!!

I feel your pain on anxiously awaiting the end of the year -- we are going to make it!! I hope I get to see you soon!

Haley Pep :)