Monday, May 11, 2009

let the countdown begin

There are 17 more days of school left!! I could not be anymore excited about our summer break!! Getting a summer break is one of the best perks about being a teacher.

Unfortunately, my summer break won't officially start until July 3rd. I decided to teach Summer School again this summer. The money is great and it's really easy. I did it last summer while planning a wedding, so I can do it again. I would probably find ways spend lots of money if I was home all day, so I figured I'd go make some money!! It's only half day and and there's only 17 days.

So today marks...

17 more full days of school


17 more half days of summer school

I can do it!!


The Fants said...

Yay summer!!! We have a "summer chain" in our room counting down the days. I can't believe this year is already over!