Tuesday, May 05, 2009

phone conversation

Me: Ty Murray must have a big fan base. I'm surprised Lil 'Kim got kicked off.

Dad: I know. He must be getting a lot of votes. I like him though. He's my favorite.

Do you know what my Dad and I are talking about??

That's right. My Dad is obsessed with


David, Ally, and Micah said...

i know exactly what you are talking about! this is the first season i have watched faithfully and I love it! I am going for Melissa!

Bachelorette in 2 weeks... will we watch? We all said that we would never watch that show again b/c of what they did to Melissa but I'm so intrigued!!

The Links said...

Oh I'm most definitely watching The Bachelorette. I wouldn't miss Jillian for the world. She my favorite. That was in the small print of my statement about not watching The Bachelor/ette. If the next bachelorette was Jillian then I would watch it.

But Jason was my favorite on the Bachelorette, then he quickly changed that on The Bachelor. So I guess we'll see how this season goes.

I probably won't be blogging about which guy I like. That just weird. I just like talking and blogging about the guy I LOVE....my hubby!!!

But let's still keep in touch about what we think about the show!!!