Monday, May 25, 2009

i just robbed CVS

This morning I made a quick CVS run hoping to catch a couple of sales. Before I left, I carefully looked over the ad and pulled all the corresponding coupons. I was planning on buying 12 items, and I had coupons for all 12 off them. I bought the first 2 items I needed on one transaction and paid $3.31. I purchased everything else on another transaction. I had no idea that ticket that the ticket would look like this....
That has never happened to me. I feel like I had a coupon break through today!!

If I paid for all of this full price with nothing on sale, it would have cost me around $32. Let me explain how I got all the stuff pictured above for only $3.31.

1st Transaction:

Playtex tampons ($3.99) combined with
$1 off coupon and $2 extra bucks

Toothpaste-($2.99) combined with
.75 coupon

Total Bill:
earned $3 Extra Bucks
earned $2 Extra Bucks

2nd Transaction

2 Soft Scrubs (2/$5) combined with
Buy One Get One Free coupon and $1 off coupon
.75 each

Palmolive Dish Soap (.99) combined with
.75 coupon

Cascade Dishwasher Detergent (2.99) combined with
$1 off coupon

2 Colgate Toothpaste (.88) combined with
.75 off coupon
.13 each

2 Colgate Toothbrushes (.88) combined with
.75 off coupon and $1 off coupon
.1 for both

2 Packs of Trident gum (1.29) combined with
.75 off coupons for each one
.54 each

All of this combined with my $2 Extra Bucks and $3 Extra Buck


The only bum thing about this trip is that I could have walked away without paying a thing if I would have remember that I had a CVS giftcard (from a prescription transfer) with $10 left on it. Oh well....I'll use it next time.


The trick to shopping at CVS is only buying things that you have a coupon for AND they are on sale. If you have items that are going to earn you Extra Bucks, purchase those items first. Purchase all of your other items in a second transaction so you can use your Extra Bucks earned in the first transaction immediately. It takes a while to catch on to the CVS Extra Bucks thing, but you'll get it! It just takes some practice.

Hope this helps you "legally rob" CVS too!!


Lolly said...

I didn't have as much luck as you. We need to shop together.