Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the magic blanket

When I was a kid, I used to spend the night at my grandma's house all the time. She had 3 extra bedrooms in our house, but we always asked for her to make a pallet by her bed.

I am very cold natured, and Nonnie always kept her house FREEZING. When we laid down on our pallet, Nonnie always had to pile on a couple of blankets to get me warm. After she put 2 or 3 blankets on me, she would always put on the same quilt last. It was called, "The Magic Blanket". It didn't matter when she put in on, it always magically made me warm! Or atleast that is what I thought when I was a kid.

Recently, I have found that I am now carrying on the tradition of the "The Magic Blanket". Izzie has always been allowed to jump on the couch at my parents house, but we decided she wouldn't be allowed on the couch at our house. It just killed me not being able to snuggle with her on the couch, so I decided to bend the rules. If I put the "Magic Blanket" on the couch, she knows that she can jump on the couch, no questions asked. It's so cute!!


Brandi Gail said...

this is sooo sweet! i keep a blanket on my couch too, and then Maggie has her own "bed" on top of the couch! not spoiled at all..:)