Wednesday, November 30, 2011

iPhone rewind {november}

Here's what we've been up to this month according to my iPhone!!

Who needs food when you can just eat your Bumbo!!
Pearson LOVES when Daddy gets home!!
Sweet chubby cheeks.  He's out!
Mmmmmm.....I think I'll have some toes for snack!!
"But Mommy, I'm to cute to take a nap!"
Socks taste better than you would think!
Learning how to do the "tripod" sit.
Pearson got stuck under the coffe table while playing on his mat. 
Now that is a sleepy baby. 
Oh that smile!! I just love it!
Pearson is all about eating his fingers.  Doesn't matter which one, any will do. 
He loves sucking on a wash cloth during his bath time. 
We tried the high chair out for size and he played for quite a while in it. 
Izzie was close by waiting for crumbs.  She knows what's coming!!
Oh my goodness....when did my baby get so big?
Pearson's early Christmas present.  The Little People Nativity Scene.
Seriously, what else are they going to come up with for babies. 
I love his little cheeks and lips when he sleeps. 
I can't believe my husband wants this for Christmas.
Naptime in the car.
I made some homemade babyfood for Pearson to eat next month!
My little helper in the kitchen.
He's getting the hang of eating his rice cereal.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This video was shown to me a few months ago at a Leadership meeting at church.  I thought it was pretty neat because it's so easy to relate to because Social Networking is such a huge part of our lives now.  Take 5 minutes out of your day and watch this video.  It give me chills every time I watch it.  

I follow. Do you?

Monday, November 28, 2011

a christmas giveaway

It's the Christmas Season and I couldn't be more excited.  I know Pearson doesn't really get what is going on this year, but I'm super excited to start lots of family traditions this year!!
Since Christmas is all about giving I want to do a little Christmas giveaway on my blog!!

My Mom has started a new line of Appliqued bibs and onesies at her Etsy Shop Tried and True Designs
 It's been fun having a little one this year because Pearson gets to be a model for all of my Mom's new designs.  She made him his super cute Thanksgiving onesie and now he has a little Rudolph onesie to sport this Christmas season!
 It's hard finding cute handmade stuff for boys without paying an arm and a leg, so I'm glad that my Mom has started making onesies so my little boy can have cute things to wear!!
So to celebrate that start of the Christmas Season, I will be giving away, ONE CHRISTMAS ONESIE WITH THE APPLIQUE OF YOUR CHOICE! 
{sizes available: Carter's newborn-18 month}
*Longsleeve is available in all sizes but newborn.
**You can also add a bow to Rudolph to make it girly!
Here's how you can enter to win......
{You have 4 chances to win. So make sure you leave 4 separate comments!} 

1.  Follow my blog, and leave me comment telling me that you do! 
*If you are already a follower, just let a comment saying "I follow!".
**If you are a new follower, I would love to know how you found my blog.
{You have to be an "official follower" through Google Friend Connect.  All you have to do is click Follow on the left hand side of my blog and log in! You will not be eligible to win if I don't see you as one of my followers.}

2.  Like Tried and True Designs on facebook here and leave a comment telling me you did!

3.  Leave a comment telling me which applique you would choose and what size you would want!
*This is basically your order if you win! 

4.  Facebook about it with a link to Tried and True Design's facebook page, and my blog, then leave me a comment telling me you did!
*You must link to both in your facebook post!

I'll be announcing the winner of the giveaway on
Thursday, December 1st at 8pm!!
{I'll ship it or give it to you December 2nd so you can have the whole Christmas season let your little one wear it!!}

Good Luck!!

And If you just can't wait until the giveaway is over you can always put in an order by e-mailing my Mom at triedandtruedesigns {at} yahoo {dot} com or you can order off Etsy

meal planning monday

Monday: Quesadillas & Rice

Tuesday: Mini Burgers & Hasbrowns

Wednesday: Pizza @ My Parents

Thursday: Tortilla Soup

Friday: 3rd Annual Dinner & Christmas Light w/ The Hoopers!

Saturday Breakfast: Pigs in a Blanket

Saturday Lunch: Matt @ Baylor game?

Saturday Dinner: ????

Sunday Lunch: BBQ Sandwiches

Sunday Dinner: Pizza Sunday

Saturday, November 26, 2011

first taste of rice cereal

Pearson has been a little fussypants lately during the day.  I think it's mostly because he has decided he doesn't like to nap.  I'm lucky if I can get two 30-45 minute naps in.  So in an effort to give myself something to do with him during the day, I decided to give him some rice cereal today.  I was going to start at 6 months, but he just 3 weeks shy of that and he's really acting interested in our food, so I went ahead and started today!
 I think he liked it at first since it was practically breastmilk with a little rice cereal.  
 But after a few bites, he didn't really know what to think. 
 He was definitely more interested in holding the brightly colored spoon. 
 The last few bites just kind fell out of his mouth.
 We'll have to try it again tomorrow.
**On a side note:  I followed the directions on the package and it said 1 Tbsp of rice cereal to 4 Tbsp of breastmilk.  It was way more soupy than I thought it was going to be.  Did I do it right??  When do you start thickening it up?  You don't always serve it to them as rice cereal "soup", do you?

And since I will probably be moving on to real baby food when he turns 6 months I decided to go ahead and make some baby food today.  I made some zucchini, sweet potatoes, and green peas.  I used the Beaba Babycooks to make my food. It steams and purees it!!
If you make or made homemade babyfood for your baby, what do you use to make yours? And what were your favorite foods to make?  I would love to know, since I plan on making more food for Pearson. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

my little turkey

Like I said yesterday, this year I am SO thankful for my little turkey.
This little face brings us so much joy to our lives. 
I'm thankful he's healthy.
I'm thankful he's growing big and strong.
I'm thankful he's a good eater.
I'm thankful he's a great sleeper.  
{at night that is....we are still working on the naptime thing.}
I'm thankful he's easy going.
I'm thankful for the little dimple in his cheek.
I'm thankful for those beautiful blue eyes. 
I'm thankful he is ours!!

And Pearson says.....

Thursday, November 24, 2011


We have so much to be thankful this year.  

Of course, I'm thankful for my husband, my family, my church, my salvation, my health, the roof on top of our heads, & Matt's job, but top on my list is our new little turkey.  He has been such a blessing to us this year.  We just can't imagine life without him.  We are so thankful that God has entrusted him to us.  
I had plans of taking some cute pictures of Pearson in his little turkey onesie Lolly made for him, but my camera battery died.  So I'll be posting some more pictures of my little turkey later even though we are moving on to the Christmas season!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

daddy's home!

I love staying at home with my sweet baby boy.  I'm thankful that most days are not like today, because was just flat out rough.  Pearson was Mr. Fussypants today.  At the end of the day, I'm pretty sure Pearson was ready to see another face other than mine, so when Daddy got home he was super happy to see him!!

 And now we get Daddy home for four days in a row!!