Saturday, April 21, 2012

crawfish boil

We went to a Crawfish boil at some friends house tonight!! Crawfish boils seems to be the new thing here!  I think they are fun an all, but I am definitely not a fan of eating the crawfish.
While Matt was busy ripping heads off and eating crawfish, I kept an eye on Pearson while he was playing with all Kaylee and Lucas' toys.
Pearson is all about wheels right now so he loved this little riding truck toy. 
 It was cute to see Lucas (6 months older) show Pearson how to use the toy.  
 But then Lucas wasn't so cook with Pearson playing with his toys!!
He loved driving around in the Crazy Coupe car.  
He knew just what to do with the steering wheel and key.  
 I am officially on the hunt to find one of these (in good condition) at a garage sale.  
Matt did peel a couple of crawfish to eat.  I just didn't think all the work was worth the tiny little piece of meat that you got out of it.  I just stuck with the corn, potatoes and shrimp.  I did however have a little fun with Pearson and the little guys!!
 Thanks to the Robertson's for having us over for a fun crawfish boil!!


fancyashstyle said...

Good Luck finding a cozy coupe. Those things are HARD to find. People just don't get rid of them. I was on a wait list for one at OUAC & kid2kid when Carson was little. I ended up just buying one. Put it on P's birthday list...

Lolly said...

I see Pearson does have some St. John in him!!

Christine said...

I agree with you on the crawfish - taste okay, but too much work for too little reward. I may have to get Naomi one of those little car things. I've heard of people getting them off Craigslist, but I just get frustrated with Craigslist and usually end up clicking out of it before buying anything.