Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Tonight we headed up to Frisco to go to an FC Dallas soccer game.  One of our friends from our small group got free tickets to the game so we had a fun little small group outing!!
{Carissa, Joel, Me & Matt}
{Tim, Jenny, Courtney, Paxton, David & Michelle}
I was totally embarrassed that my husband wore this soccer jersey from Italy to the game.  I mean, who actually wears soccer jerseys.   {Okay, so maybe there were quite a few people at the game wearing jerseys, but I just think it's so weird to wear those silky shirts when you aren't actually playing.} I'm just not a soccer jersey fan.  Or much of a soccer fan for that matter!!
I have to be honest, I don't really get soccer.  I never played as a kid, so the whole offsides thing just totally confuses me.  They just look like little kids running around in circles kicking a ball and hitting it on their head every now and then.  I can't seem to see any organization to the game.  And then it's like the whole game didn't matter in the end because it was a tie.  Who ends a ballgame with a tie?? How boring!! 
Even though I don't really get soccer and I didn't actually watch much of the game, I did enjoy myself. The food was great and I always love chatting with my friends.  Plus it was nice to drop Pearson off at my parents house and get an evening out with my handsome hubby!!
 Thanks Carissa for getting the tickets for the game!! We had a great time!!


The Fenner's said...

It is so funny that soccer is boring to you. I'm the same way with baseball. I loath watching it. Not much happens. But I love watching soccer, maybe becuase I have played most of my life, but I do enjoy it! Glad yall had a good time at the game!:)