Friday, April 27, 2012

five on friday

1.  Pearson loved sitting in his Aunt Ashley's lap at story time today!!
2.  Pearson's favorite part about Story Time is the bubbles at the end.  He high tails it as soon as the machine comes on.  All the other Mommies always comment on how fast he is.  We are hoping this translates into a fast runner for sports reasons! Ha!!
3.  Ashley, the kiddos and I went to Sam's for sample day.  There were like 10-12 samples so we just got an 89 cent coke to go with them and called it lunch.  It was a fun little outing!!

4.  Pearson took two 2 hr naps today!!

5.  Grammy and Grandaddy are on there way over to watch Pearson so we can go to the Rangers game tonight!!!

Happy Friday!!


Laura said...

We did all the samples and an $.89 coke for lunch today! Love these weekends!

Alicia said...

That sounds like a fun fabulous Friday to me! What a special day with your sister-in-law and niece too:)Have a wonderful weekend!