Wednesday, April 18, 2012

erin condren $50 for $25 deal

I love Plum District.  

It's a "groupon-like" website with deals geared towards Moms.  Of course anyone can purchase from the site, it just usually has great things for Moms!! Just recently I have purchased a mini-session for our family portraits, some NurtureMe Babyfood Packets, and a deep clean by Kelly's Klean. I'm really lovin' Plum District right now!!


Remember last year when I posted about TONS of Erin Condren deals??

Did you want to buy one, but never did??

Well, here's your chance!!!

  This deal is on none other than........Plum District.

For $25 you can get $50 towards personalized cards, stationery and more through 4/25 or while supplies last.....

Erin Condren has some great products.

I love my Life Planner. 
And I am obsessed with my iPhone cover.
I have tons of notepads and address labels.  It's so much fun to have personalized stuff!! 

So what are you waiting for??

Just go here to get started......

{Be sure to use this link so I can get $5 in Plum Bucks for you making a purchase}

Happy Shopping!!


The Fenner's said...

You can't use this for a 2012-13 life planner though:(

Leah PS said...

i bought this yesterday with the intention of buying an iPhone cover but this coupon isn't valid for iPhone/iPad covers. DANGIT.