Tuesday, April 17, 2012

let's make a deal

I'm definitely not to proud to say that I LOVE going to Garage Sales.   I literally filled my entire Kindergarten classroom up with garage sale stuff a few years ago.  It's true that one man's trash is another's treasure.  I have so much fun searching for the good deals.  And you know, I just love a good deal!!  Here's what I scored this weekend at our neighorhood's semi-annual garage sale.  
1.  A Polo Romper- $1
2.  Christmas PJ's- $1
3. Soft Tool Box w/ Tools- $2
4.  Leap Frog Letter & Animal Toy- $2
5.  6 Board Books- $2
6. Black Crocs- $1
7.  Little Car & Airplane Toy- $0.50
8.  Baby Einstein Music Toy- $0.50

{Not Pictured}
9. Fisher Price Swing (for Lolly & Pops house)- $3
10.  Blue Bumbo (for a friend having a baby in July)- $1
11.  Lightning McQueen Sandwich Holder (for my little Nephew)- $0.50

And to make this deal even sweeter, I had a Garage Sale of my own on Saturday and made $83 then sold a box of books to Half Price books and made $12.  I gave all the stuff that didn't sell to a donations truck so I have a junk free (sort of) home and I'm $95 richer!! Can't beat that deal!! 


Lindsay said...

Wow! Hudson had that Baby Einstein music toy and the plush tool set. He loves them both!!

fancyashstyle said...

That's so awesome on the leap frog toy. I was so tempted to buy it the other day for Olivia. It would have cost me $23. Lucky you. I need to be better at gsales. I just am not up and out as early as you.